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Found these with a Lafayette preamp, Empire Turntable and Scott LT-110 tuner at a garage sale, cost: complete with cabinet was $40.00.

Currently running the GENELEX Golden Lion KT77 reissues power tubes with the original Dynaco 7199 dual pentode / triode driver stage and custom solid state rectifiers with 30 second plate voltage delay. The amps are hung from the rafters below the listening space suspended with bungee cords. Wires are suspended using Johnson & Johnson Hurt-Free Wrap, which is made of a soft cheese cloth like elastic material, tacked to the beams.
Back in 1998 I purchased a Parts Upgrade Kit From The Parts Connection. It consisted of Holco H2 resistors, Silver Mica , Solen and Multicap PPMFX capacitors, plus 2 ft. of teflon 20 awg wire and 5 ft. of Wondersolder. Mostly a parts upgrade, the kit included instructions for bipassing the quad cap with the Solens. At that time I upgraded the power cords to 14-2 awg, eliminated the power switches and installed gold plated binding posts and RCA jacks. Resulting in blacker backround, tighter base and more resolving power.
Not bad for $30.00.
More recently in March of 2007 I installed Eichmann CablePod binding posts, WBT Nextgen RCA sockets and Acme Silver Contact Cryo'd fuse holders. And in April 2009 teflon octal socket for the KT77/EL34's and 80/40/30/20/quad caps were added. In 2014 K Works Audio Empowered Cords were hardwired in.


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