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The REGA RB250 Tonearm


RB250 is very responsive to tweaks and upgrades.

The tonearm is fitted with the Expressimo Heavyweight, dropped profile, stainless steel counterweight and stub for adjusting Vertical Tracking Force (VTF), from Sal at Expressimo Audio. For Vertical Tracking Angle (VTA) there's nothing better than Peter Riggle's VTAF - Vertical Tracking on the Fly adapter.

The signal is carried from the Dynavector Karat's pin clips to the preamp through a continuous length of Cardas Tonearm Wire to the preamp where Eichmann Copper Bullet RCA plugs make the connections. A pair of the diminutive Ortofon T-5 transformers bring the 17D2's 0.26mV output up 26dB for a total of 56dB from the preamp.


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