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Vinyl Lives!

The Systemdek IIX is a suspended, two speed, belt driven design that responds well to upgrades and tweaks.

The record clamp is a Herbie's Audio Lab SuperSonic Record Stabilizer. The glass platter
is damped with Herbie's Way Excellent Mat

while a K Works Ersamat

is squelching any RF/noise floor and dissipating static.

QuietCoat is a viscoelastic polymer coating that excels at sound deadening for high-end audio installations.

Here the plinth has been painted with three coats. Additionally the bearing well is wrapped in Plasti-clay.

Note the green ground wire in the picture above. This wire connects the motor, aluminum sub-chassis and galvanized steel base plate. Early in 2010 I was reconnecting the Eichmann Copper Bullet RCA jacks to the Cardas tonearm wired Rega arm and decided to add this ground to the arm's ground path. Now the tonearm connection is no longer prone to hum when touched and LP playback comes from a blacker backround.

Ahh, the silence...


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