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Wall Mounted Turntable Shelf

The Systemdek IIX is above it all,

stealthily resting on the wall mounted shelf.

The shelf is only a fraction of an inch above the top of the radio cabinet. The downfacing bevel helps to hide the shelf and creates a floating effect, when viewed from a normal standing position. Those are Vibropods helping to damp the turntable's metal base.

The side view shows the L brackets (10 in. x 1 1/4 in. x 3/16 in.) which are mortised flush to the bottom of the shelf. These are then pocketed thru the oak cleat. Shims are then used to level the shelf/turntable.
Now let the dancing begin! The IIX is a suspended table, I can jump off a chair directly in front of the system cabinet without affecting record playback.


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