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Power Tweaks

Clean power control.
Using one power line the custom power switch allows the front-end to be powered seperately from the power amps. It allows the user to turn ON the front-end 30 sec. before the power amps and turn OFF the amps 30 sec. before the front-end..

Mounted on the bottom of the radio cabinet is a Wiremold power strip which has been retrofitted with cryo'd Pass & Seymour 5262Al 15 amp industrial grade duplex outlets (case needed to be modified due to clearance issues) which are homerun wired with K Works Dynamo wire. Wiremold's original power switch and breaker were removed to make room for the Jon Risch power line filter. Electric power enters the power strip and is sent to the filter (outlets) as well as routed to the amplifiers. The hot leg to the strip as well as the amps are broken by the switch box. The switch box's left switch controls the front-end's power, the right switch controls the Dynaco MkIV monoblocks. Cryo'd 12-3 awg BX cable feed the mains power to the system.
The Dynaco Mk.IV amps. amps get the Jon Risch treatment at their outlet box.
Behind the radio cabinet is the power duplex outlet. K Works Dynamo cable passes the AC up to the power strip. A Furutech IEC socket, mounted next to the duplex outlet, accepts the Wattgate 320i female IEC plug carrying the switched power to the Mk IV amps. All outlets, plugs and cables are cryo treated.


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