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Pardigm Reference Studio 100 Ver.1

Lauded by AUDIO magazine as "High-End Sound At A Not-So-High Price" on the cover of their July 1996 issue.

Studio 100 REVIEW

Standing 45 in. H x 10 1/4 in. W x 16 1/4 in. D.

A 3-way design using two 8 in. woofers in a vented enclosure, one 6 in. midrange in a sealed enclosure and one 1 in. tweeter.

Coupled to the oak floor with 1 in. diameter brass ball feet. As they say "These speakers sure have balls!"
UPDATE: As of Jan. 2010 the speakers are coupled with Pon-Tunes!
Van Den Hul MC Magnum Hybrid and CS-122 Hybrid wire, terminated with Kimber Postmaster spades are used in bi-wire configuration. In 2007 the binding posts were replaced with Eichmann Cable Pods gleaning a finer detailed sound.


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